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  • Troy G. Avera, Jr.

  • Aviation Product Liability Defense - Barwick, Dillian & Lambert, P.A., Miami Florida from 1994-2002. Clients included American Airlines, Pratt & Whitney, Teledyne Continental Motors and various Fixed Base Operators. U.S. Naval Aviator F-4 & F-14. A-320319 3500 Hours. Total Time 1,500 hours. CDR USN (Ret.). Captain United Airlines (Ret.); Captain Copa Airlines (Ret.) and Midway Airlines. FAA Type Rated B-747 400; B-777; B-727; B-373; DC-9 and MD-80. Panamanian Type Rated B-737 700/800 NG. Total Commercial Time 22,000 hours.

    General Law Practice currently, including Plaintiff's Product Liability, Business, and Real Estate.

    Also available as Aviation Piloting Expert witness.