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    Jared Allen
    Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
    Frederick /

    Ernest Anderson

    Christopher Andrews
    Springfield / MO

    Gary M. Arber
    VP & General Counsel
    PlaneSense, Inc.
    Portsmouth / MA, NH

    Alan Armstrong
    Alan Armstrong, Attorney at Law
    Atlanta / GA

    Patti Arthur
    Of Counsel
    Anderson & Hughes
    Salida / CO, DC, PA

    Peter Axelrod
    Meridian Lawyers
    Brisbane / OTHER, CA

    George Babcock
    Attorney at Law
    Omaha / NE

    Lorri Badolato
    Deputy General Counsel
    PlaneSense, Inc.
    Portsmouth / MA, NH

    James E. Beasley, Jr.
    The Beasley Firm, LLC,
    Philadelphia / PA

    David Bernhardt

    Mark Bircher
    Seminole / FL

    Gwendolyn Bjornson
    Davis Miles McGuire Gardner PLLC
    Scottsdale /

    Edward Booth
    Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.
    Jacksonville / FL

    Ted Boswell
    Attorney at Law
    The Boswell Law Firm
    Bryant / AR, TN

    Peter P. Brotzen
    Founder and Partner
    Dwyer, Daly, Brotzen & Bruno, LLP
    Los Angeles / CA

    J.C. Buehler
    Buehler Law Group
    Carmel / IN, IL

    Scott C. Burgess
    Aviation Legal Group, P.A.
    Fort Lauderdale / DC, FL

    Morgan Campbell
    Alexandria, VA / VA

    Joseph G. Carroll. PS
    Joseph Carroll Law
    Spokane Valley /

    Javier Cisneros

    Robert Clifford
    Founder and Senior Partner
    Clifford Law Offices
    Chicago / IL

    Luke E. Closson, Jr.
    Managing Partner
    Closson, Bass & Tomberlin
    Valdosta / GA

    Brent R. Cole, Esq.
    Law Offices of Brent R Cole, P.C.
    Anchorage / AK

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