2017 IATSBA GALA Dinner Photo Gallery

The International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association held its annual Gala Awards Dinner on April 28, 2017 at the Edgewater Hotel on the Seattle waterfront. Honored at the dinner were immediate past president Justin Green of Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, and the Joseph T. Nall Award winner Boris Popov of BRS Aerospace. For full Nall Award announcement, including Mr. Popov’s biography and a summary of his illustrious career, click here. All photos courtesy of Robert Feldman and Jeanine Feldman.

  • DSC_3671 (Large)

    DSC_3671 (Large)

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    DSC_3668 (Large)

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    DSC_3661 (Large)

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    DSC_3666 (Large)

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    DSC_3660 (Large)

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    DSC_3655 (Large)

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    DSC_3656 (Large)

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    DSC_3652 (Large)

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    DSC_3648 (Large)

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    DSC_3646 (Large)

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    DSC_3641 (Large)

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    DSC_3639 (Large)

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    DSC_3638 (Large)

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    DSC_3637 (Large)

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    DSC_3636 (Large)

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    DSC_3633 (Large)

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    DSC_3631 (Large)

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    DSC_3619 (Large)

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    DSC_3617 (Large)

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    DSC_3616 (Large)

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    DSC_3614 (Large)

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    DSC_3613 (Large)

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    DSC_3612 (Large)

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    DSC_3611 (Large)